Revolutionary Shower Systems

Traditional Shower Install

Simple installation for DIY’ers or contractors Slow and difficult installation best left to specialty contractors
All products are fully waterproof Requires application of a full waterproof membrane before tile/stone can be applied
Easy to make repairs & maintain waterproofing Difficult & costly to repair and re-waterproof
About 2-4 hours for standard 3 x 3 shower install Minimum 2 to 3 days for shower install
Shower allows for movement or deflection Movement or deflection can crack shower
No additional vapour barrier required for standard shower Vapour barrier must be installed when built on an outside wall
Cutting of product is dust free and quick Grinding cement or cutting wallboard creates extensive dust
System accessories provide easy customization without increasing install time significantly Customizing is costly & labour/time intensive
15-year warranty on our products No manufacturer warranty on cement base/liner
Cement surface is true and level for tile or stone installation Time/labour intensive to get a true and level surface with membrane application
Speed and ease of installation for commercial applications can not be beat Difficult, heavy, and time-consuming to customize for commercial applications
All foam products tested 100% mold-proof Highly prone to mold growth and water saturation