Installation Instructions

  • Ensure installation area is clean, smooth, and level, removing any and all of the following: high spots, nail/screw heads, staples, and dried or stuck-on
    mortar/concrete/drywall mud. Remove any silicone, or glues from the installation area as they may hold the wallboard away from the stud.
  • Always install in a layout that minimizes seems by using full length across the wall whenever posible. The ideal layout will differ based on the size of wallboard you are using and the size of the installation area. Always place vertical seems on the center of a stud or a backer atached to the sill and top plate of the wall. Bridging vertical seems between studs even with an nonatached backer is not allowed. When it is necessary to cut a sheet, mark it accurately and cut through one side with a razor knife and a straight edge. Then snap the board and cut the reinforcement on the other side with a razor knife.
  • Attach the wallboards using only RSS washers and screws into the studs every 12”. It is recomended that you tighten the screws enough that they do not protrude out from the face of the wallboard. Do not over tighten as this may cause the washer to pull through the wallboard. When attaching screws at a seam between two wallboards place the cswerr between the sheets so that thewasher grabs both wallboards.
  • If using with an RSS PRO Pan, generously apply a continuous bead of RSS Sealant into the integrated wallboard slots then press the wallboard into the sealant beed.
  • When adding subsequent sheets, generously apply a continuous bead of RSS Sealant to the edges of the existing sheets that the new sheet will butt into. Press the new sheet into the bead of RSS Sealant (squeeze out is expected) to ensure a water tight seem. Attach sheet with RSS Washers and Screws with 12” spacing.
  • Throughout the instalation use a disposable 2” spreader, a margin trowel, or a disposable corner trowel to spread the squeeze out along all seems. If there is no squeeze out add an additional bead of sealant to the face of the wallboards along the seem then spread the sealant along the seem. It is not suggested to scrape off or remove any excess sealant or squeez out, rather, spread it along the seem.
  • When installing a subsequent sheet in a corner or change of plane generously apply a continuous bead of RSS Sealant to the face of the existing wallboard where the new sheet will butt into it. Press the new board into the sealant bead (squeeze out is expected) to ensure a water proof seem. Use a dispsible corner trowel to spread the squeeze out along the corner joint. If there is no squeeze out apply an additional bead of RSS Sealant directly into the corner joint and spread along the seem with a corner trowel.
  • Once all wallboards have been correctly installed With RSS Washers and Screws and RSS Sealant it is required that RSS Sealant be applied over every Screw head and washer. Apply a large dab of RSS Sealant directly onto each washer and spread smooth covering them completely.
  • Apply a bead of RSS Sealant along every seem and change of plane and spread over with a spreader or corner trowel.

Product Specifications

  • Material: High-density foam core.
  • Coating: Concrete and fiber glass reinforcement.
  • Available Sizes: 3’X5’ | 4’X6’ | 4’X8’