RSS Pro Sealant

RSS SEALANT is an advanced, hybrid polymer sealant/adhesive designed for use in indoor and outdoor applications, especially in construction applications for waterproofing of extremely wet areas as part of the RSS Shower System. RSS Sealant creates a fully sealed system wherein leaks are eliminated and the potential for mold grown and efflorescence are greatly reduced. RSS Sealant adheres to most materials including wood, stone, concrete, marble, aluminum, vinyl, PVC, many plastics, and more.


Applies to wet surfaces High strengtah adhesion
UV resistant Permanently flexible
Color stable Will not shrink or crack
Non-Yellowing Easy clean-up
Cures quickly Solvent free – Low V.O.C.’s


SPECIFICATIONS: RSS Sealant meets ASTM-C920, ASTM-G26 performance specifications. RSS Sealant also meets Federal Spec TTS-0230C and is USDA accepted.

DIRECTIONS: Area where sealant is to be applied must be clean and free of grease, oil, and other contaimants or debris prior to application. Cut nozzle of cartridge to desired bead size and puncture inner foil seal. Insert into standard caulking gun. While holding at an approximately forty-five degree angle, apply by pushing sealant ahead of nozzle to achieve a full, smooth seal. If necessary, tooling may be performed. Clean up with warm water prior to drying; after product has set, removal via mechanical methods is required. Store in a cool, dry location in temperatues above freezing.

Product Specifications

  • Available Sizes: 10oz. tubes. 20oz. Sausage tubes

RSS Sealant Tube 10 oz

RSS Sealant Tube 10 oz (1 Case)

RSS Sealant 20 oz Sausage Tube