Pro Pan (Standard Sizes)

Pro Pan (Standard Sizes)

Product Description

RSS HD Shower Pans are constructed from high-density foam. They are available in 5 (five) standard sizes. All standard-sized RSS PRO Shower Pans feature a minimum of a 1⁄4” per foot slope toward the drain located in the center of the pan.

These pans are designed to be used with the RSS by FloFx Universal Drain Bonding Flange and feature a relief for the drain flange for a seamless installation of the drain assembly. These pans also feature slots around the perimeter for easy integration with RSS Wallboards. The RSS PRO Shower Pan features a layer of fiberglass mesh reinforced concrete on the top and bottom of the pan for added rigidity and increased strength under compression.

A three layer rubberized waterproof coating is applied to the top (sloped) portion of the pan making it ready to tile right out of the box. We are able to add these coatings without sacrificing any of the features found on the RSS HD Pans.

The RSS PRO Shower Pan does not have any variance in thickness along the outside edge of the pan so there will be no scribe work required where the wall tile meets the pan. This allows for an altogether easier installation for the shower as a whole.

RSS Pro Pan

Product Specifications

  • Pan Material: High-density foam core.
  • Surface reinforcement: Fiberglass mesh and concrete.
  • Waterproofing: Three coat rubberized
  • Pan Thickness at perimeter: 1½”
  • Slope:¼” per foot minimum
  • Drain Location: Centered only
  • Compatible drains: RSS by FloFx only
  • Available Sizes: 3’x5’ | 4’x4’ | 4’x5’ | 4’x6’ | 6’x6’