Pro Niche

Product Description

The RSS PRO Niche is the ready to rock right out of the box. It offers three prominent design features that make it the perfect choice for every application: A rigid and durable body, 16” flange dimensions for ease attachment to studs, and because it comes out of the box already waterproof, no addition steps are need to waterproof the inside area of the niche. It also features a slight slope to the inside walls to help prevent pooling on the bottom of the niche.

The RSS PRO Niche is available in three stock sizes, or can be built to custom dimensions to meet your design goals.

Stock sizes: 16″X16″X4″ | 16″X24″X4″ | 16″X32″X4″

NOTE: sizes are measured from flange to flange and are NOT internal dimensions. The niche is 4” deep and can be installed into a standard 2X4 framed wall.

RSS Pro Niche

Product Specifications

  • Available Sizes: 16”X16”X4” | 16”X24”X4” | 16”X16”X4” Custom sizes are available. All custom sizes will still be 4” deep.