Pre-Manufactured Corners

Pre Manufactured Corners

Product Description

RSS Prefabricated Corners are made from the same polyethylene waterproofing material as our membrane with spun polypropylene anchor webbing on both sides to anchor the corners into the mortar. Our Prefabricated Corners are available in four configurations:

90° Inside
90° outside
135° Inside
135° outside

These option meet the requirements of the most commonly occurring corner configuration. They are used to create a vapor and waterproof barrier to protect the integrity of building structures from moisture, mold, and decay, and is generally used in conjunction with tiled surfaces of showers, steam rooms, and wet rooms.

RSS Prefabricated Corners are installed were three planes come together to form a corner in wet areas. It is also used when two waterproof components
meet. Such as an RSS TRC or RSS Tile Ready Bench that meets the surface of an RSS HD Pan or walls. Tiles can be installed directly onto RSS prefabricaded corners using a layer of modified or unmodified mortar.

RSS HD 135⁰ Outside Corner

RSS RS 135⁰ Inside Corner

RSS HD Outside Corner

RSS HD Inside Corner

Product Specifications

  • Material: polyethylene with spun polypropylene anchor webbing
  • Configurations: 90° Inside | 90° outside | 135° Inside | 135° outside