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At Revolutionary Shower Systems, we make everything from a tile perspective, there by giving satisfactory consideration to the consumer’s safety at all times. This is due to our team’s 20+ years in the tile industry.

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When We Say Everything Fits Perfectly, We Mean It

We don’t want anything to have to be cut to make it fit; every part needs to be flawless. Revolutionary Shower Systems products drop right in, making the building and installation process faster and the experience way easier.

The Benefits of Our Shower Systems

  • Simple installation for DIYers or contractors
  • All products are fully waterproof
  • Easy to repair and maintain waterproofing
  • About two to four hours for standard 3×3 shower installation
  • The shower allows for movement or deflection
  • No additional vapor barrier is required for a standard shower
  • Cutting of product is dust-free and quick
  • System accessories provide easy customization without increasing installation time significantly
  • 15-year warranty on our products
  • The cement surface is true and level for tile or stone installation
  • Speed and ease of installation for commercial applications cannot be beaten
  • All foam products tested and 100% mold-proof

What To Expect With Traditional Shower Installations

  • Slow and difficult installation best left to specialty contractors
  • Requires application of a fully waterproof membrane before tile/stone can be applied
  • Difficult and costly to repair and re-waterproof
  • Takes a minimum of two to three days for shower installation
  • Movement or deflection can crack the shower
  • A vapor barrier must be installed when built on an outside wall
  • Grinding cement or cutting wallboard leads to extensive dust
  • Customizing is costly and labor/time-intensive
  • No manufacturer warranty on cement base/liner
  • Time/labor-intensive to get a true and level surface with membrane application
  • Difficult, heavy, and time-consuming to customize for commercial applications
  • Highly prone to mold growth and water saturation


Proudly Made in the USA

Our homegrown, high-quality manufactured products are matched with our team’s impeccable customer service.

Based in Nampa, Idaho, we ship to all 50 states. We can also deliver items right to your doorstep.

Find out how Revolutionary Shower Systems started and evolved to be the trusted and leading custom manufacturer that it is today.

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